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Ask Dr. Math--he knows alot!
Bill Nye the Science Guy
Mad Sci Network--pick scientists' brains!
Discovery Channel
Discovery Channel for Kids
Math is Fun--learn how to do those pesky metric conversions, and lots more!
Museum of Science & Industry--Visit a coal mine, a chick hatchery, and a submarine!
ToxTown ToxTown teaches you about chemical exposures in the community. Learn about environmental health concerns.
ToxMystery Toxie the Cat will teach you about health hazardsin the home. Site includes audio.
U.S. Patent Office Kids' Site
The Why Files
ScienceBob.com--Ideas for experiments, science fair projects, etc.
Try Science
Periodic Table


Alphabetical listings of famous inventors and inventions.

Inventors Museum
Find out who invented the frisbee, learn what Abraham Lincoln invented, take the inventor I.Q. test.

How Stuff Works


National Weather Service for Kids
Info about air pressure, clouds, temperature and more.

Web Weather for Kids
Lots of fun stuff to do and learn


EPA Explorers' Club
Games, stories, pictures and facts about environmental issues.

Acid Rain
Great site by the EPA. Information, experiments and learning activities about acid rain. (Also available in Spanish.)

Rainforest Heroes
Facts about the peoples, animals and natural resources found in rainforests. Site created by the Rainforest Action Network.



Gene Scene--Learn about Genetics, Cloning, and more!

Neuroscience for Kids-- Learn about cloning, go on a genetic journey, find out about the quest for the perfect tomato.

Cells Alive!

Science Fair Projects


Science Fairs Homepage
Ideas for all ages.

Science Fair Central
Discovery School's guide to putting together a science Project.

Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab: Experiments
Basic experiments designed to teach students about chemistry, energy, light, electricity and more.

Science Fair Projects
Outlines what students need to do to put together a basic science fair project.

Soda bottle experiments
Safe experiments using soda bottles and stuff you already have at home.


Committee for Skeptical Inquiry
Site that takes a scientific approach to unexplained phenomena.




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