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Field guide to 5,500 plants and animals.

Animal Diversity Web
Searchable database created by the University of Michigan.

Animal Omnibus
Lists of links to thousands of animals.

Animal Information Database
Lots of info about sea animals, including pictures, classification, habitat and physical characteristics.

Backyard Wildlife Habitat
Info on how to keep a wooly caterpillar alive, how to attract birds, etc.!

Critter Cam!
What do animals do when there are no people around to see them? View animals in Antarctica, the Arctic, and the deep sea, from National Geographic.

Science & Nature: Animals--from the BBC
A great site to get you started with info from prehistoric times to endangered species.

Endangered Species

Endangered Species
World Wildlife Fund lists of endangered animals. Lots of info.

Endangered Plants and Animals
Information from the U.S. Dept. of Fish and Wildlife Service.

Specific Animals

Fun Facts about the Arctic
Facts, pictures and activities about Arctic wildlife.

Searchable database of insects. Basic information and close-up pictures.

Shedd Aquarium--the world's largest!
Interactive sites, learn about fish, mammals and reefs.


Meet the Dinosaurs
Informative site that includes timelines, graphics, theories about extinction.

Prehistoric Life
This BBC site contains pictures, interactive games and quizzes.

Find out what dinosaurs ate, look at fossils, read about dinosaur nests.

Zoom Dinosaurs
Basic information for younger children



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