Running for Local Office

Running for Public Office in Fitchburg

The City Clerk's Offices the place to start if you would like to run for an elected local office - we will help you learn about the requirements to launch your campaign.

Who may run for Office? Any person who is a City of Fitchburg resident and a registered voter may run for public office. Candidate nomination forms and election calendars are available at the City Clerk's Office.

How may signatures are required on the nomination forms? Candidates require the signature of 50 City of Fitchburg voters; all voters must be registered and verified through the City Clerk's Office. We recommend that candidates get at least 75 to allow for signatures that can not be certified.

How to I get started? Contact the City Clerk's Office at 978-829-1820 or at cityclerk@fitchburgma.govfor assistance.