1. When is a public procurement process required?

While submitted to change from time to time by the Commonwealth, current law requires a public procurement procedure for expenditures of supplies or services and construction projects estimated to cost $10,000 or more. Under $10,000, the City follows sound business practices which can include quotes from more than one source below that limit.

2. How can I become notified of when procurement is posted?

Electronic versions of all quotes, IFBs and RFPs are available to be viewed and downloaded on the Purchasing Department webpage. You can sign up to receive notifications using our “notify me” option in the categories you are interested in.
In conjunction with Massachusetts General Law, the City also advertises IFBs and RFPs in a local newspaper (Sentinel & Enterprise), the Goods & Services Bulletin or Central Register where applicable, on our website, and posted in the entrance of municipal offices.

3. How do I obtain quote, IFB or RFP documents?

You can view and download all documents on the Purchasing Department webpage.
In order to reduce our use of paper, and for the convenience of vendors and contractors, documents can now be obtained online only. The online documents are available seven days per week, 24 hours a day.

Important dates, such as pre-bid meetings and deadlines, may be viewed on the Purchasing Department web page. Interested parties must fill out a short registration form in order to view online documents.

4. How do I obtain a Plan Holder List for a particular bid?

Plan holder lists may be viewed within the solicitation posting on the website. You do not need to register to see the list.

5. How do I obtain bid results?

Do not call to request results. We will post bid results on our webpage within 24 hours of any bid opening, which will include vendor/contractor names and pricing submitted. This will be found under the tab, “Bid Results.”

6. How do I find contract awards and information?

Once an award has been made (within 30 days) the bid award letter will be posted on our web page under the tab, “Awarded Contracts.”

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