Databases are electronic collections of magazine articles, books, facts and pictures. Explore a little--especially if you're a college student and have a paper to write. Have your library card number ready in case you need to type it for access.

Full Suite of Gale Databases

Magazines, journals, newspapers, encyclopedia for all ages Access to thousands of popular magazines, scholarly journals, newspapers (including New York Times 1985+ and Boston Globe 1980+), Encyclopaedia Britannica, biographies, health and prescription drug information, US and World History, newswires, business directories, investment reports, K-12 resources and electronic reference books.

Genealogy websites are funded by the Friends of the Fitchburg Public Library.'s Library Edition is only available on the public computers at the Library.  
Heritage Quest, a National Genealogy website, can be used to research census records, books and much more. You will need your library card number to use Heritage Quest.

  1. BPL eCard

    Massachusetts residents can sign up for a Boston Public Library eCard via the web.

  2. Business

    Find helpful business resources provided by the Fitchburg Public Library.

  3. Education

    Access helpful educational resources.

  4. Encyclopedias & Dictionaries

    Access encyclopedia and dictionary resources.

  5. General Resources

    Access helpful databases for general use.

  6. Health, Science & Current Events

    Find resources regarding health, science, and current events.

  1. History

    View historical links and databases.

  2. Home & Garden

    View home and garden links and databases.

  3. Kids & Teens

    Discover helpful resources for kids and teens.

  4. Library Catalogs

    View all library catalogs and other resources.

  5. Literature & Art

    Access helpful resources regarding literature and art.

  6. Newspapers

    Access newspapers offered by the Fitchburg Public Library.

Funding for these online resources is provided by:

Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners and the Massachusetts Regional Library Systems and  C/W MARS