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The Fitchburg Library makes sense of all the facts, helping you sort and manage the ever-expanding flood of information. You'll always find the right answer at your library.

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If You Need It, We Can Probably Find It

In addition to our extensive collections of books, CDs, DVDs, magazines and newspapers at the library, your Fitchburg Library card gives you access to a world of specialized online and educational materials.

Through this web site, you can find and borrow books that are in any library in central Massachusetts. You can find your favorite music, movies, and magazines. You can research your ancestry, or do your schoolwork. You can even go to school here, studying English as a Second Language.

Our services don't stop at books and magazines

You can borrow a telescope, a discount pass to over twenty local museums and attractions, a Kill-A-Watt electricity usage monitor, or a wireless hotspot for your laptop or mobile device. You can stream your favorite music and even download free songs to your computer. 

You can come in to the library and transfer your slides to digital images, your cassettes to MP3s, or your VHS tapes to MPEG4 movies.

You can choose from over 100 framed art prints in our collection and borrow any two of them for two full months.

Or you can view and download 448 free art books from The Metropolitan Museum of Art to view on your computer.

All with your Fitchburg Public Library card!

So, don't just stop at books. See what else we have to offer!